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2005, 2006 Galway, IrelandTYNAGH Co. Power Plant, Ireland
Installation of 400 MW steam turbine, gas turbine, regeneration heater for the steam generator, air-cooled generator, boiler (water treatment) feed pumps, ribbed cooling fan, drive pump, auxiliary heating equipment (boiler), chemical feed lines, and SWAS systems complete with fittings.
2003, 2004 RussiaKronospan Russia, Egorjevsk, Russia
Reconstruction and process equipment installation
2002 Neratovice, CZSpolana a.s. Neratovice
Dismantling, renovation and installation of machinery and process equipment of a flooded compressor plant after floods
2002 Opatovice nad Labem, CZElektrárna Opatovice a.s.
Tube replacement in the top heater bundle
2002 Zlín, CZMoravské teplárny a.s. Zlín
Manufacturing and installation of armour plating for an FK31 plate evaporator
2000, 2001 BulgariaKronospan Bulgaria, Burgas, Bulgaria
Reconstruction and process equipment installation
2000 Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, CZŠkoda a.s. Plzeň
Replacement of secondary circuit water coolers

We maintain close co-operation with the following companies: JK-KOREKT s.r.o. Plzeň, EGS a.s. Hodonín, FREMENIT s.r.o.Hodonín, GET s.r.o. BRNO, VCES a.s. Praha, STANMA a.s.Praha; all operate in technological manufacturing and installations, or construction.


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