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In our work, we focus on the dismantling and installations of process equipment and units, and manufacturing and erection of steel-frame industrial hangars for storage and production, car showrooms, roof structures, built-in steel structures, sheet casing of new hangars, additional sheet casing of existing structures, building renovation, etc. On request, we will arrange professional project documentation, including static analysis, for all the above jobs as required by the scope of your order. We also lend our capacity in the form of subcontracting to other field companies, including under their supervision, for projects in the Czech Republic as well as throughout Europe.

Our company supplies and installs piping systems and process units made of structural steel, stainless steel, plastics, copper, etc. We are a team of technicians, design engineers, welding specialists, and skilled workers, proficient professionals equipped with all necessary tools and machinery, of many years’ experience with the preparation and execution of outdoor erections in the heavy, light, woodworking, power, chemical, cement, and foodstuffs industries. Our workers execute the customers’ requirements at top quality and with respect to maximum safety of all work conducted and observance of agreed terms.

  • Steel frame erection
  • Pipeline installation using 11, 12, 15, and 17 grade steel
  • Tank and reservoir construction
  • Installation, repair and dismantling of machinery and process equipment in the paper, chemical, woodworking, cement, power, and foodstuffs industries, assemblies of industrial equipment and process units, including facilities.
  • steel frames for halls and hangars
  • steel frames for noise barriers
  • steel roof frames
  • steel floor and ceiling frames
  • steel supporting structures
  • the frame dimension is currently limited to approximately 100 tonnes.
  • lacquer system application (ŘSD, DB, and other styles)
  • heat zinc plating
  • powder lacquering

Our services and deliveries come with a standard guarantee period of 24 months at the minimum. Longer guarantee periods for specific projects can be agreed with customers when contracting. As the Contractor, our company guarantees that the work and services provided under the contract will be supplied in a professional manner, at a high quality level, and in compliance with relevant legislation and regulations, ordinances and standards in force at the time of execution.

To deepen our partners’ trust in price negotiations, we provide a detailed budget calculation for the demanded work to enable the potential customer to compare and evaluate our offer with competitors’. Detailed itemisation of the budgets makes our quotations much easier to understand and the execution is made transparent at the very start of the dealings.


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